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Sachchai Ni Jeet (2012)
Chhello Divas (2015)
Mali Metan (1992)
Nal Damyanti (1982)
Peethi Pili Ne Rang Rato (1982)
Bhadar Ne Kanthe (1992)
Gher Gher Matina Chula (1977)
Malavpati Munj (1976)
Sant Ravidas Ki Amar Kahani (1983)
Veer Bavavalo (1990)
Suhagan (1981) Gujarati
Amar Devidas (1981)
Hast Melap (1969) Gujarati
Akhand Chudlo (1980)
Maare Todle Betho Mor (2009)
Vadjogi Velnath Gujarati
Kanku (1970) Gujarati
Panghat Ni Panihari (1991)
Sant Tulsidas (1972)
Zer To Pidhan Jani Jani (1972)
Avtari Aayi Khodal (2015)
Raja Gopichand (2015)
Dharti No Chhedo Ghar (2009)
Thai Jashe! (2016) Gujarati
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