Dharam Veer (2008)
Dharma Veer is the story of that two friends who's main aim is to bring happiness, progress , educated unemployment n provide with the basic necessities in the village. Their
friendship was considered as the history in the world. Dharam is the son of a rickshaw driver whereas Veer is the son of a very big landlord. Since childhood they both have
studied and played together in one incident Dharam's dad is murdered though cruel babu Sahib. While he was in his last stage he puts his wish in front of Dharam that he
should become a big officer and fight for the right of poor and backward class people. Dharam wanted to fulfill his dads wish so for that he was preparing himself for I.A.S
exam and with it he used to also drive rickshaw. There Veer fights with babu Sahib because he was to be blamed for killing Dharam's dad and puts him in the jail.
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