Future To Bright Hai Ji (2012)
Future To Bright Hai Ji (2012)
Director: Sanjay Amar
Writer: Sanjay Amar
Stars: Sanjay Amar, Asrani and Neelima Azim
Genres: Drama
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 2 November 2012
Runtime: 120 min
Future Toh Bright Hai Ji in which the film deals with an attention-grabbing narrative plot involving a couple who have aspirations to fly sky high, but are struck with misfortunes
of the lower-middle class existence. Our main protagonist (Ajay Kumar) is an assistant writer in a TV serial and aspiring to turn into an independent writer whereas his wife
(Sonia Singh) is a character artist in a serial coping to be a film star. The couple struggle hard to find their way to success but each day turn out to be an awful one. The two
characters are set in contrast to each other in terms of their characterizations:...
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