Paying Guests (2009) Hindi
Paying Guests (2009)

Starring – Shreyas Talpade, Javed Jaffrey, Neha Dhupia,Celina Jaitley, Riya Sen
Director – Paritosh Painter
Genre – Comedy, Drama
Bhavesh, Pariksheet and Parag live in Pattaya as paying guests in a house owned by Kiska Miglani. Bhavesh works as a chef in a restaurant owned by Ballu Singh whose
younger brother Ronnie wishes to snatch the ownership of the restaurant. Pariksheet is a salesman dealing in motors and work under Aarti Gupta while Parag is a screen
writer. Pariksheet's cousin joins the group who hails from Mumbai. Eventually they lose their jobs and are kicked out by the owner of their house. While they haunt for a place to
stay as paying guests, they land up in Ballu Singh's house.
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