Phas Gaye Re Obama
Anni and his gangster colleagues who all work for Bhai Sahab, a gangster, watches U.S president Barack Obama's famous speech 'Yes We Can' on TV. Anni is a big fan of
Obama and wants to migrate to the USA. In USA, Om Shastri, a business man has made huge losses due to recession and is in the verge to lose his house if he can't pay his
$100,000 loan in the next thirty days. He comes to India to sell his ancestral property in Uttar Pradesh. But the recession has also hit India and he struggles to find a buyer. A
ring of events tangle Anni, Bhai Sahab, Om, Ali, Munni, and Dhanajay Singh in a chaotic situation where everybody's ultimate intension is to make money. Watch the movie
Phas Gaya Re Obama to know their respective destinations in life.
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