TOOFAN' is a story that is narrated in every age. But it never becomes stale or old. It is a story of a king and his chief minister. The king does not take interest in the
administration as a ruler. The power is wielded by the chief minister who tyrannizes and oppresses the people in the name of the king. Balbir Singh, an indignant knight raises
the voice of revolt. It is silenced with the death of his infant son Badal under the hooves of horses. Kidnapping the king's son Suraj, Balbir Singh goes away to a distant village
with his wife and lives under a different name. Brought up by Balbir and his wife with love and affection Suraj is known as Badal, a simple rustic youth who loves to sing and
dance. His other name is 'Toofan' who is out to take revenge on the oppressor and tyrants. Badal becomes aware of his true identity, and so does the chief minister.
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