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Eka Laganchi Gosht (2009)
Balidan (1991) Marathi
Solav Varis Dhokyach
Lakshatlya Ghoshti Marathi
Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram (2005)
Jai Mata Mahalaxmi
Putra Whava Aisa (1961)
Keshav Manohar Le Le
Mokale Aakash (2006)
Patla Tar Ghya (2009)
Vichha Majhi Puri Kara
Lagin Majhya Khandobacha (2009)
Mahima Shree Siddhivinayakacha (2007)
Sai Darshan Ek Anubhav (2010)
Brahmachari (1938) Marathi
Shapath Tujhya Premachi (2012)
Hich Porgi Pahije (2009)
Saat Sale Tyanche Chale (2009)
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