Bhaiaji Superhit (2018)
Watch Bhaiaji Superhit (2018) Full Movie Online Hindi full Length Movie Online Free, A kind-hearted goon decides to get his wife back by making a film on their love story, while
his arch nemesis tries to thwart his plans. Lal Bhaisahab Dubey aka 3D (Sunny Deol) is Varanasi’s most feared crime lord. While he lords over all, his wife Sapna Dubey
(Preity Zinta), the daughter of another crime boss, bosses over his heart. Out of a fit of jealousy she leaves him and now he has become a crying wreck, which is bad for his
personal and professional life.
Bhaiaji Superhit (2018) Full Movie Watch Online Free

Directed and written by: Neeraj Pathak
Starring by: Sunny Deol, Preity Zinta, Pankaj Tripathi
Genres: Action, Comedy
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Bhaiaji Superhit (2018) HDRip Hindi Full Movie Watch Online Free