Watch Aramm (2017) Full Movie Online Tamil full Length Movie Online Free, A District Collector in India deals with water shortage problems in a village when she comes to
realize that people are suffering a lot. Aramm is structured as a tense thriller about a rescue attempt, but what the film’s director, Gopi Nainar, is more interested in is hard-
hitting socio-political commentary. That it is effective as both is the director’s achievement. The film unfolds as an enquiry into an incident. We see IAS officer Madhivadhani
being questioned by her superior over an incident involving a child trapped in a deep borewell.
Aramm (2017) Full Movie Watch Online Free

Starring – Nayanthara, Rams, Sunu Lakshmi
Director – Minjur Gopi
Genre – Drama
Country – India
Language – Tamil
Aramm (2017) HDTVRip Tamil Full Movie Watch Online Free