Mithai (2019)
Watch Mithai (2019) Full Movie Online Telugu full Length Movie Online Free, After getting fired from his boring job Sai who is to get married in three days time, goes drinking
with his friend Jani, his house gets robbed. Sai loses everything including the diamond necklace later in the evening he gets into a stupid challenge with his NRI friend
Krishna. Sai and Jani take up the challenge that Sai wont get married until they find the thief. Their mad caper begins when they meet up dude, a pot-smoking slacker loafing
aimlessly with his pet goat. They are running against time and desperate, with just three days for Sai to get married.
Mithai (2019) Full Movie Watch Online Free

Directed and written by: Prashant Kumar
Starring by: Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna, Ravi Varma
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Romance
Country: India
Language: Telugu
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